I made a website to try to get free food...

I made a website to try to get free food...

2017, Oct 23    

… and it didn’t work.

I love the idea of Deliveroo and other food delivery apps, but I can never quite justify the fairly high cost. These services usually offer some sort of incentive to sign up your friends though, usually by giving both of you money off your next order.

I’d read stories here and there about people who had shared their referral code online and ended up with massive amounts of free food credit thanks to some good SEO. I thought I’d try to give it a go myself.

My idea was to make a single page “voucher” website. Clean, simple, a one-stop shop for anyone who was signing up to one of those services and wanted a code. I threw it together in a couple of hours, bought a domain, hosted it on GitHub and waited for the cash to roll in.

Except it didn’t. I wanted to get the site seen on Google or Facebook, but free ad credits are hard to come by these days, and I didn’t really want to gamble money on advertising in the hope of getting free credits on a service I rarely used anyway.

So now the site sits in the sea of unseen pages online. But that’s okay, I tried. And maybe one day someone might stumble across the site and use my codes. Until then, I’ll carry on learning how to cook dinner myself instead.

You can still visit PromoCodePage.com, or view the code on GitHub.