PokerPlus - The Companion for Home Poker Tournaments

PokerPlus - The Companion for Home Poker Tournaments

2017, Sep 12    

Several years ago, as a way of teaching myself iOS programming, I made an actual app and released it on the App Store. It wasn’t brilliantly designed, but it did the job. And, according to my Google analytics page, people actually used it! Even if many of my non-poker playing friends were unimpressed, having no clue what a “blinds timer” app was supposed to do.

I updated semi-regularly to fix bugs, but after a while work and studying got in the way. I didn’t renew my Apple developer subscription last year, and PokerPlus was taken down from the App Store.

Fast-forward to now - I’ve just finished my Master’s degree in Computer Science, so I actually know what I’m doing, and I’ve got a bit of free time. Thus, PokerPlus is reborn!

Yes, it’s the same blinds timer and deal calculator app that you (may or may not) know and love, but it’s now updated to play nicely with the latest version of iOS. More significantly, the look and feel of the app has been updated - the new blue colour scheme makes it much nicer to look at and use.

So get onto the App Store and download PokerPlus now! And if you have no idea what this app does, I’ve copied the original description below. Enjoy!

What is PokerPlus?

PokerPlus is primarily a blinds timer for live tournament play but also has a couple of other cool features. One thing that annoyed me about the blinds timer app I downloaded a couple of years ago for a home tourney was that I had no idea what the blinds structure should be, and it didn’t give any suggestion of what structure I should use. I later realised there’s a reason for that – it involves some maths, and it’s not a simple equation. My app does have this feature though! Put in a few key inputs and it’ll generate a structure, as long as your inputs aren’t completely stupid. It also includes an ICM deal calculator, which lets you work out a fair deal and make sure you’re not getting screwed over.


If you find a bug or want a new feature, I’d love to hear from you. Just choose one of the many ways to contact me from the sidebar!